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Corporate Governance

At Zoetis, we understand the importance of good corporate governance and we are committed to maintaining high ethical standards, integrity and transparency in the manner in which we conduct our business in order to create and sustain value for all our stakeholders.

Board of Directors

Our board of directors is comprised of 11 directors, each of whom brings unique experience and skills that are valuable to the Company.

Policies & Procedures

At Zoetis, we maintain detailed corporate governance policies and procedures to help ensure the highest level of integrity in all of the Board and Company affairs. Please take a moment to review our corporate governance policies and procedures.

On issues of importance to our business and society, Zoetis has adopted the following global policies and procedures.

Board Committees & Charters

The Zoetis Board of Directors maintains an audit committee, a compensation committee, a corporate governance committee, and a quality and innovation committee to assist it in effectively discharging its responsibilities.  Please take a moment to review the committee charters.

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Corporate Brochure

Zoetis Corporate Brochure