Our work is never done. We are always looking for the next unmet need. To help pets live longer, healthier lives with the people who love them. To help farmers raise healthier, more productive livestock. To help veterinarians provide the best care to pets and farm animals. Our scientists explore innovations across the continuum of animal health care – to predict, prevent, detect and treat disease.

Continuum of Care

Continuum of Care

Explore some of our latest achievements and milestones in R&D below.


Product lines across eight animal species


Blockbuster products with revenues of $100M or more as of year-end 2023 


New products and lifecycle innovations introduced in last 10 years


APOQUEL® has quickly become the standard in dermatological care for veterinarians. Unlike steroids, which can lead to weight gain, Apoquel works quickly with minimal side effects, offering fast, targeted, easy to apply relief from itching within just 4 hours.

CYTOPOINT® is the first ever monoclonal antibody treatment for allergic and atopic dermatitis. This means it can use a dog’s own immune system to block the urge to itch, relying on proteins rather than chemicals to achieve the desired result.


Revolution® PLUS is a broad-spectrum feline parasite preventative that protects against the most common internal and external parasites, with dual action against fleas, delivered via a simple quick drying topical application.

Simparica TRIO® is the first monthly chewable parasiticide on the market for dogs. Easy to use and pain free, it’s made with three active ingredients proven to help defend against parasites.

Pain Management

Librela® (bedinvetmab) and Solensia® (frunevetmab) represent new classes in pain management for dogs and cats to alleviate pain associated with osteoarthritis (OA) - an underdiagnosed source of discomfort in older animals. By relying on an injectable monoclonal antibody treatment for delivery, it makes providing relief to pets quick and simple for veterinarians.

Cat Pain IQ is a digital tool designed to help cat owners spot signs of feline osteoarthritis pain more easily and to support conversations with their veterinarians. Cat Pain IQ screens for signs of OA pain by analyzing how a cat moves. Using a video of the cat, Cat Pain IQ uses artificial intelligence (AI) to compare the cat’s movement with that of healthy cats to check for signs of OA pain. The tool then provides a video and analysis to the veterinarian and the cat owner. This is not a medical diagnostic tool and is not intended to replace discussions with an animal healthcare professional.

Digital, Data and Diagnostics

The VETSCAN IMAGYST® diagnostic platform has expanded to offer remote digital cytology testing, leveraging a network of expert pathologists and supplemental AI technology to provide fecal testing capabilities for veterinarians. As a modular system, we will continue to add new capabilities to the platform, increasing the services our customers can offer their clients.

The addition of Basepaws into the Zoetis organization helps strengthen the Zoetis portfolio of products—across genetics, diagnostics, and data analytics for pets. Pet genetic health data, research discoveries, and advancements in early detection will help enhance our R&D capabilities and inform the future of our petcare pipeline.

Precision Animal Health

Healthy livestock play an important role in a safe, sustainable food system that must feed 8.5 billion people by 2030. We are committed to technologies that can help our customers raise healthier, more productive animals.

Our precision technologies mark the forefront of these changes, furthering customers’ abilities to predict, prevent, detect, and treat disease in their livestock by integrating the information they have available into one digital platform. Our technologies pull on-farm data from their entire operation, all the way down to individual animals, helping monitor and optimize everything from animal health to feeding schedules.

See how BLOCKYARD™ provides cattle producers the information they need at their fingertips, accessible from digital devices anywhere. In addition, our genomic testing solutions, including CLARIFIDE® Plus for dairy and INHERIT Select™ for beef, can help producers make more informed management decisions.

Person holding a young pig

Center for Transboundary and Emerging Diseases

We organize our response to outbreaks of infectious diseases worldwide through our Center for Transboundary and Emerging Diseases. Zoetis scientists mobilize resources from across the company and work closely with leaders from government, health organizations, and the veterinary and livestock agricultural communities to identify infectious disease threats early and develop solutions, including vaccines and diagnostic tests, to help rapidly control them.

Our scientists combat transboundary and emerging diseases that threaten livestock and pets well as those zoonotic diseases that can also transmit between animals and people. These include emerging new infectious diseases, such as COVID-19, and ever-present disease threats such as Foot and Mouth Disease that affects cattle, pigs and sheep, and African Swine Fever which can devastate herds, impact the food supply, and harm the incomes of farmers who depend on animals for livelihoods.

The Center supports a One Health approach by focusing on the approximately 200 diseases identified by the World Health Organization as zoonotic and can transmit between animals and people. Examples include Rift Valley Fever, Rabies, and Hendra virus.

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Partnering with Zoetis

Creative approaches often mean seeking a different perspective, looking outside our own laboratory walls. We build unique partnerships that help strengthen our diverse portfolio and expand further into complementary spaces. To complement our strong and diverse R&D pipeline, we seek research collaborations that combine complementary talents, expertise and passion with the organizational capacity to deliver innovative products that can advance the care for animals. 

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