Our continuous efforts in support of veterinarians and pet owners are organized around three core commitments.

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We Care
About Pets

Ensuring pets can enjoy long, healthy lives is our number one goal. This means providing the cutting edge options to not only predict, prevent, detect and treat disease, but also to promote well-being at every stage of a pet’s life.

Petcare for Pet Owners
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We Care About Your Practice

We provide the resources, information and innovation needed for veterinarians to do their work with confidence, enabling them to achieve success and grow their practices.

Resources for Veterinarians
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We Nurture the Communities Pets Create

Pets have a rare talent for bringing people together. At Zoetis, we support the organic communities formed for and around pets — from shelters to veterinary organizations — as they join us in our purpose of advancing care for animals.

Community Initiatives

Product Spotlight

Discover some of our latest and most exciting petcare products.

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Made for 
by vets.

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“We adopted Linc without knowing about his severe allergies. [With Apoquel and Simparica Trio] We can provide him with the care he needs while keeping it affordable."

Kelsey and Lincoln
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“Within the first couple of days [after starting Apoquel], she was a completely different dog. She had done a complete 180 degrees with her personality and her energy level."

Dani and Molly