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Environmental, Social and Governance Review The world depends on animals for companionship, comfort and nutrition. At Zoetis, we’re committed to the health of animals and supporting the people who care for them. Healthier animals will help create a healthier future, and we contribute to that by supporting the communities we operate in, innovating in animal health, and protecting the environment. Our daily work makes a positive impact to our global society.

While we have always operated with sustainability in mind, we are taking steps andZoetis Corporate Social Responsibility Summary making commitments to ensure that sustainability is explicitly taken into account in all our processes and strategic decision making.

We hold ourselves accountable to these commitments to environmental, social and governance responsibilities and continue to work with our customers and communities to reach their own goals for a more sustainable world.

We have defined three key areas that build on our previous work and provide focus to our efforts:

Care & Collaborate

Care & Collaborate

We partner with and support our colleagues, local communities, and the people who care for animals. We achieve more by working together toward our common goals, and we take a localized approach to make a global impact.

Innovate in Animal Health

Based on our belief that healthy animals build a healthier future, we use our expertise in animal health to solve sustainability challenges facing animals and people.

Protect Our Planet

Protect Our Planet

We steward resources responsibly and focus on conservation to minimize our impact, as we deliver products and services that advance the health of animals.

Sustainability is a business imperative for the success of our company, our customers and our communities. Through these key activities we will continue to build on the work that has already been done and positively increase our global impact. We will also empower our customers – veterinarians, livestock producers, and pet owners – to be sustainability champions. Working together, we can build a healthier future.