This week, Zoetis was selected as a 2024 Catalyst Award recipient for our global initiative, Awareness and Action Drives Impact, that is advancing equity for women and other underrepresented groups across the company – from the frontlines to senior leadership. Zoetis is one of only two organizations receiving this global award and is the first animal health company to be recognized. 

“We are truly honored to receive the 2024 Catalyst Award for our global DE&I initiatives,” said Kristin Peck, CEO of Zoetis. “At Zoetis, we embrace differences through intentional efforts that drive equity and belonging. Our DE&I efforts will only continue as we keep building a welcoming workplace and animal health industry that celebrates uniqueness – and enables us to make a positive impact on the lives of our colleagues and those who care for animals.” 

Highlights that Catalyst featured as part of Zoetis’ recognition include:

  • “Global culture, regional customization: Zoetis’ Core Beliefs and global focus on inclusion serve as guiding principles for fostering a sense of belonging and expanding opportunities across the globe. At the same time, the company makes specific efforts to address the unique needs of different regions.”
  • “Frontline colleague inclusion: Women hold key leadership roles across Zoetis’ two primary frontline functions of manufacturing and sales, and career ladders and paths are available to all frontline colleagues. Everyone has access to an individualized development plan and support, and an understanding of how to advance, as well as opportunities to work on different projects or roles.”
  • “Colleague Resource Groups (CRGs) are an important catalyst to foster a diverse, inclusive environment at Zoetis, while positively impacting the company’s business and community. The CRGs bring together colleagues who share similar backgrounds, experiences and interests to work toward common goals that align with Zoetis’ strategic business priorities. CRGs also play a tremendous role in helping leadership understand the obstacles that different groups face, while promoting allyship and generating ideas for solutions.”
  • “Talent processes, both external-facing and internal-facing, have a powerful impact on representation and inclusion at Zoetis. External-facing processes include partnerships with INROADS and MANRRS to share the value of careers in animal health and increase the pool of underrepresented talent. Internal-facing processes include strong, intentional succession planning and access to sponsors, mentors, and leadership development opportunities.” 

Growing the company’s global representation of women

As a result of Zoetis’ global initiative, between 2020 and 2023, women’s global representation increased from 47% to 50% among senior and mid-level colleagues, and 44% to 49% (5 percentage points) in other levels of the organization, including frontline colleagues in manufacturing and sales. On the Board of Directors, women’s overall representation increased from 36% to 42% (6 percentage points), and the representation of women from marginalized racial and ethnic groups increased from 9% to 17% (8 percentage points). 

Zoetis participated in a rigorous examination by Catalyst of the company’s talent, diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives requiring the company to show proven, measurable results that benefit women across a range of dimensions. This was followed by intensive on-site interviews to hear directly from colleagues about their experiences at Zoetis as a result of the multi-year, multi-faceted global initiative. 

Zoetis will be honored at the Catalyst Awards Conference Tuesday, March 12, in New York City. This year’s theme, The Catalyst Effect, celebrates the collective impact of individuals committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion – who together can create massive change.