At Zoetis our colleagues are committed to making a positive impact – not only for animals and those who care for them, but also for our communities. As part of our commitment to Sustainability, we are encouraging colleagues to volunteer their time, share their resources and expertise, and participate in other activities to help those in need. Read on to learn how colleagues around the world have been helping their communities and get inspired about how you can make a difference in your own local community.

VMRD and ZTD Colleagues Collaborate in Kalamazoo

Pretty Lake is a free summer camp in Kalamazoo where children are selected to attend based on need, whether financial, social or emotional. The camp is focused on activities to build children's self-esteem and independence through fun activities such as playing outdoors, making new friends, and learning to swim. Recently, our VMRD colleagues sponsored a “Pretty Lake Day of Caring," where colleagues completed various projects around the camp. While VMRD sponsored the event and initiated many of their own activities, ZTD colleagues also participated. This year, members of the ZTD team replaced the degraded surface of the camp's swim deck so that kids will be able to enjoy summer swims safely.

A Different December Charity Project in Malvern

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the Master Data team in Malvern decided to take a different approach to their holiday fun this year. Instead of their traditional gift exchange and holiday potluck, the team decided to direct their resources to help those in need instead. They chose Philabundance, the Philadelphia area's largest hunger relief organization that serves 90,000 people weekly. Angela Semenchenko, Master Data Specialist, set up a virtual food drive where the team could donate pre-selected packs of food or make a monetary donation of their choice. In the spirt of giving, the team raised $500 for Philabundance's efforts – the equivalent of 600 cans of vegetables, 400 bags of rice, and 50 cartons of milk! “We're all fortunate to work for a company like Zoetis where we're able to continue working throughout this global pandemic; it feels really good to be able to help those in our community who need extra help at this time," said Bethany Loesche, Manager, Customer Master Data.

Making an Impact on Local Farms

Many other colleagues have also been dedicating their efforts to support local farms and food banks. Cassie Cortese-Plumley, Senior Inside and Digital Sales Representative, made giving back a family affair. Along with her husband and daughter, Cassandra spent a day volunteering at a farm that provides produce to local food pantries and outreach programs. Collectively the volunteer group that day harvested over 50 pounds of spinach and 75 pounds of cilantro, all of which was used that week in fresh meals or frozen dinners that act as a reserve for meals on wheels, a service that has been critical for some vulnerable populations during COVID-19.

In Berlin, Lily Creed, Manager, Marketing, Ruminants, helped harvest vegetables and get the fields winter-ready at a farm outside the city which aims to emphasize the importance of locally grown produce for the environment. All the food from the farm is delivered to customers in an all-electric vehicle and is CO2-neutral. She said, “The day really helped me understand the meaning of where our food comes from, the great impact and work that goes into a small potato or onion and how hard the work for farmers can be."

Supporting a Safe Place for After School in Bavaria

In southern Germany, Kid's Treff is an organization that provides a safe space for kids and teenagers living in difficult circumstances to spend time after school. Local children can get help with homework, play on the playground, enjoy music, and play games at the facility. The organization is growing in popularity and needed additional space, so Zoetis colleagues Lars Sievers, Manager, Improvac Operations, and Ulrich Berger, Account Manager, Companion Animal, traded their iPads for hammers one day to help build an additional shelter for the outdoor playground. “Not only is it a great feeling to help people in need, this volunteer experience was a great One Zoetis teambuilding experience for Uli and me," said Lars.  

Fundraising with Family 

Anna Mehls-Baltissen, Account Manager, Companion Animal, and her two daughters participated in a fundraiser called Kindermissionwerk Die Sternsinger for disadvantaged children. Anna and her children contributed to the donations by knocking on more than 50 doors, where they sang (at a safe social distance) for donations. The organization supports more than 1,400 projects for children in need each year.