In our series, “A Day in the Life,” we’re talking to Zoetis sales colleagues throughout the world to learn more about the unique challenges our customers face, and how Zoetis is solving these challenges through customized solutions. Catch “a day in the life” glimpse of how our colleagues in the field bring value to our customers, how they live our Core Beliefs, and what they do to succeed – both personally and professionally.  

We recently spoke to Solange, who is a Demand Consultant for our companion animal business in São Paulo, Brazil. Solange is responsible for driving demand for Zoetis products through the development of sales strategies, effective management of her regional territory, and direct interaction with customers.  

  1. Describe a unique challenge that one of your customers faced, and how you solved it. 

    I once had to manage a situation in which a very important customer was unhappy with the new payment terms that their Zoetis distributor was implementing. The relationship between this customer and their distributor was suffering, and the customer was ready to remove all Zoetis products from their store.

    At this point, I began to act as a mediator between the parties, helping the customer understand the business reason for the change in payment terms, and the distributor became a bit more flexible with their rules. Over time, I was able to salvage the relationship. This was beneficial not just for the customer and distributor, but for Zoetis as well.  
  1. How would you describe a great day at work? 

    A great day for me is when I meet face-to-face with a customer, have a direct conversation with them about the challenges they are facing, and offer solutions that truly address their needs. These are the days that make me really happy. I know I am adding value by helping them improve their business, as well as the health of the animals in their care.  
  1. What’s the best career advice you’ve ever received, and who gave it to you?

    When I was just beginning my studies at a veterinary college, my brother suggested that I consider working in the area of veterinary sales. I had never thought about it before, but I’m so glad I was open to his suggestion because I truly love what I do. I guess the takeaway is this: keep an open mind. Sometimes the best things in life are not what you initially planned.  
  1. What three skills make you most effective in your job?

    The three skills that have helped me most along the way are my ability to build relationships with all different types of people; my self-discipline and the way I push myself to achieve the goals I set for each day; and my dedication to customers, which enables me to build trust and establish partnerships quickly and effectively. 
  1. What Zoetis Core Belief resonates with you most? How do you put it into practice?

    If I had to choose just one of our Core Beliefs, I would say that Customer Obsessed is the one I relate to most. I strive to always put our customers first because I know that when they succeed, Zoetis succeeds. And when Zoetis succeeds, I know I am doing my job well.