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Precision Livestock Farming

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Zoetis is committed to offering enhanced and integrated solutions to help our customers predict, prevent, detect and treat disease. Precision livestock farming tools and cattle management software can help improve producers’ decision making, right down to the level of the individual animal, to maximize health and well-being, performance and sustainability across livestock farming operations.

Digital platforms and technology can help integrate information that a livestock producer has available from multiple sources and turn that information into useful insights that inform health and management decisions for the animals in their care. On-farm data also may be meaningful if shared throughout the food supply chain in response to consumers’ growing interest in how food-producing animals are raised.




SMARTBOW, the most advanced ear-tag monitoring system for dairy cows, helps dairy farmers monitor the location of cattle on the farm, as well as the heat and rumination behaviors of dairy cattle. Farmers can use data generated by the system to help improve reproductive health. They can also detect signs of stress and subclinical disease in individual cows sooner and intervene early with effective treatment. Zoetis acquired Smartbow in 2018. Learn more www.smartbow.com.

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Performance Livestock Analytics

Performance Livestock Analytics, a part of Zoetis, developed the cattle management software of choice to help producers combine the power of seamless data collection with analytics-based insights for increased efficiency and profitability. By integrating everything from real-time financials and performance metrics to daily workflow needs, Performance Beef helps producers use cattle data to optimize and simplify management decisions.

The cloud-based platform allows producers to connect and share data with their veterinarian, nutritionist or other trusted advisors for better data-driven cattle management. The software automates daily ration management, cattle inventory, closeout reports, chute side processing and invoicing in feed yards. Health data is also integrated in the software, allowing users to track and monitor group or individual animal health to make better data-driven decisions related to the diagnosis and treatment. Learn more about Performance Beef.

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