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Poulvac® Infectious Bronchitis (IB) vaccine program overview

Smart IB prevention with built-in strength and flexibility
IB evolves, mutates and changes over time. That's why the strongest protection against it is flexibility. A customized, adaptable vaccine program helps protect flocks against multiple serotypes.

Your Zoetis representative will work with you to create a program designed around your needs, giving you smart solutions for your business and long-term IB protection. As new IB strains emerge, our scientists continue to develop new vaccines — ensuring you'll have the vaccines you need today and in the future.

Effective IB prevention starts with the right parts.

The Poulvac® IB vaccine portfolio is designed to give you more protection options to support your business. We'll work with you to ensure proper strain diagnosis, vaccine administration, monitoring and follow-up.

No matter the strain challenging your area, Poulvac® IB helps you build effective IB vaccination programs to help target relevant to classic and variant IB threats.

Program flexibility:
Several vaccines can be used as a booster or primer solution.

Broad cross-protection:
Poulvac® IB vaccines can be used in a program with other key IB vaccines to provide your business with broad cross-protection.

Customized solutions:
Zoetis representatives work with you to develop vaccine protocols relevant to your needs.

Broad portfolio:
We offer multiple vaccines that can be combined, so you can create vaccination programs that deliver optimum protection against the level of threat in your region.

Combat the complexity of IB with the flexibility of a Poulvac® vaccine program. Every program is created with in-person, field-based understanding of your operation to help prevent production losses and mortality spikes in your flock.