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Poultry Products

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to managing flock health. That's why Zoetis works with poultry producers and veterinarians to tailor solutions and develop programs that meet the unique needs of their operations. We offer a full range of products and services for prevention and treatment – from vaccines and feed additives to biodevices and diagnostics – to help keep birds healthy and poultry producers successful.


Zoetis vaccines address specific disease challenges in every segment of the poultry industry around the world. Our veterinary specialists work closely with customers to build and implement complete disease management programs dedicated to improving poultry health. Our comprehensive line of Poulvac® vaccines are designed to effectively combat many common diseases, including Marek's disease, Newcastle disease, Salmonella, Infectious Bronchitis and Infectious Bursal disease.  

Feed Additives

Coccidiosis poses one of the biggest threats to flock health. Zoetis is dedicated to helping poultry producers and veterinarians minimize the risk to their birds with a comprehensive line of feed additive solutions. With rotation principles at the center of every plan, our technical service team offers customized solutions to maximize efficacy and drive bottom-line performance. Health maintenance products such as BMD® and Lincomix® feed additives complement our ionophores, which include Avatec® and provide our customers with a comprehensive approach to managing coccidiosis in flocks.

Rotecc® Coccidiosis Management 

Manage the persistent threat of coccidiosis with Rotecc® Coccidiosis Management — a customizable approach to rotation that uses best practices to help ensure you're employing the right methods at the right time.


As the leading global provider of biodevices for in ovo vaccination, Zoetis has more devices in more countries than any other in ovo biodevice supplier. This reach enables us to listen to the needs of customers spanning numerous regions, ranging from small hatcheries to large-scale commercial operations. 

The first commercial in ovo vaccination system was launched in 1992. Two decades later we have stayed at the forefront of in ovo technology by continually developing and expanding our portfolio of biodevices to meet the evolving needs of poultry producers and veterinarians. Globally, more than 15 billion eggs are vaccinated each year using Embrex® in ovo technology.

Our comprehensive portfolio of Vaccine Manufacturing Devices (VMD) for the manufacture of human and animal flu vaccine, including candling and inoculation systems, are based on the proven and reliable Embrex® technology that our customers have learned to expect from us.


Zoetis builds on 25 years of diagnostic experience to provide timely, accurate and reliable diagnostic products and services that help veterinarians and poultry producers confidently make better health management decisions. Our comprehensive diagnostics program unites dependable ProFLOK® enzyme linked immuno-sorbent assay (ELISA) test kits, Rapid Immunomigration (RIM™) assays for swift detection of avian influenza antigen, knowledgeable technical support and ProFILE® 3.2 software, and eLISA upgraded software platforms that quickly yield needed results.