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Poultry BioDevices

We are revolutionizing hatchery practices. Embrex® BioDevices from Zoetis developed and launched the world’s first commercial in ovo vaccination device more than 20 years ago. Since then, the superior design and quality have made the Inovoject® System (an Embrex® BioDevice) the industry standard for in ovo vaccination technology.

The development of complementary Embrex® BioDevices, such as the Vaccine Saver® System, Egg Remover® BioDevice, and Chick Counter BioDevice, further helped improve hatchery efficiency. The launch of the Inovoject® M BioDevice, a smaller in ovo biodevice, brought the technology within reach of hatcheries with lower throughput needs.

The Embrex® VMD portfolio of products, based on the same technology used to manufacture Embrex® BioDevices for poultry is trusted by the world’s leading human flu vaccine manufacturers to efficiently manufacture vaccines that help people and animals combat flu.

All Embrex® BioDevices are customized to meet the needs of each customer and are installed by our dedicated team of technical support experts. We also have a network of service personnel that provides tailored customer support. Through regular maintenance visits and consultations, we put our customers and their business needs first.

To learn more about Embrex® and Embrex® VMD BioDevices from Zoetis, visit www.embrexbiodevices.com