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Animal Genetics

sheep, dairy and beef cattle

Zoetis has one of the broadest portfolios of animal genetics products and support services in the industry. Our advanced genetic solutions are tailored to provide accurate genetic predictions that can help livestock producers across species and regions increase the economic returns on their breeding programs.

Our genomic testing procedure helps beef and dairy cattle or sheep producers make informed decisions and manage their livestock more effectively. By anticipating breeding results and identifying animals with the best genetic potential, we help producers optimize their profitability and yields.

Genetic Portfolio Highlights

Zoetis leverages the insights from our global network of research and development labs and strategic alliances to offer such DNA-marker innovations as:


beef cow

HD 50K for Angus
The beef industry's first and only high-density DNA panel for Angus cattle (available in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States)

dairy cow

CLARIFIDE® for Dairy
A DNA-marker panel that helps to optimize the selection and management of dairy replacement females (available in Brazil, Canada and the United States)


Sheep 50K
The sheep industry's first commercially available molecular breeding value (mBV) predictions utilizing a high-density DNA panel (available in New Zealand)

Nelore cattle

CLARIFIDE® for Nelore
For reproductive and overall improvement of Nelore cattle (available in Brazil)

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