Reflecting the company’s commitment to the healing power of the human-animal bond 

On May 1, 2019, Zoetis was named the first Human-Animal Bond Certified Company by the North American Veterinary Community (NAVC) and the Human Animal Bond Research Institute (HABRI). 

“For years, Zoetis has been a leading advocate of the bond between humans and animals, and we are honored to have earned this important certification,” said Dr. Michael McFarland, Executive Director, Zoetis Petcare Marketing and Chair of the HABRI Board of Trustees. “Veterinarians play a key role in strengthening the relationship between animals and people, and Zoetis is committed to helping them, their clients, and the animals they care for experience the benefits of the human-animal bond.” 

This unique certification program was jointly founded by the NAVC and HABRI last year to help veterinarians, veterinary nurses and practice managers learn more about the benefits of the human-animal bond and use that knowledge to strengthen client relationships, improve animal care and boost practice wellness.  

“When we started this certification program, our intention was to spread the benefits of the bond to as many animal health professionals as possible. This included extending the program to those corporations that are committed to supporting the human-animal bond in addition to veterinary clinics,” said NAVC CEO Thomas M. Bohn, MBA, CAE. “We are proud to announce Zoetis as the first company to earn the Human-Animal Bond Certified Company designation and we thank them for their continued interest and commitment to this education initiative.” 

More than two dozen Zoetis veterinary colleagues successfully completed the certification program, receiving training on the science behind the human-animal bond and developing a deeper understanding of how this science supports the practice of veterinary medicine. As part of our ongoing support of the human-animal bond, Zoetis will look for opportunities to make this training available to even more veterinary colleagues in the future. 

Ongoing Support

Zoetis, together with HABRI and the NAVC, are able to provide education and promote the benefits of the human-animal bond beyond veterinary practices. Zoetis has developed educational resources surrounding the bond for its colleagues, for the veterinary community at large and for pet owners. The company’s support of the bond also includes the K-9 Courage Program, providing much needed healthcare assistance to retired military and police dogs, and the Pet Effect Campaign, bringing greater awareness of the human-animal bond to the general public. Zoetis has a long-standing commitment to exploring the science behind the human-animal bond through investments in independent research on the benefits of companion animals to children with autism, veterans with PTSD, children with cancer and more. 

“With its long-term commitment to funding human-animal bond research, education, professional development and programming, Zoetis is uniquely deserving of this meaningful recognition,” said Steven Feldman, HABRI Executive Director. “Being a Human-Animal Bond Certified Company sends a clear message that Zoetis is a leader in strengthening the human-animal bond for the veterinary community and the public.”