At Zoetis, we’re committed to making a difference in the communities where we operate. We donate our products and services to help those in need, support the human-animal bond in meaningful ways, and use our resources to protect vulnerable animals. From France to Thailand, it’s a One Zoetis approach to creating a positive impact for animals and the people who love them. Read on to learn how our colleagues around the world are pitching in.

Providing Diagnostic Services with the Thai Veterinary Volunteer Project

Our colleagues in Thailand participated in the Thai Veterinary Volunteer Project, which aims to help the country’s communities, animals, pet owners, and veterinarians. This summer the group hosted an event at Wat Santonpui, a temple located in the Chiangrai Province. Over 50 veterinarians and 30 volunteers shared their expertise and provided medical services to dogs and cats in need.

Thanks to Zoetis, this year was the first time the volunteers were able to provide diagnostic services. Our colleagues administered state-of-the-art VetScan VS2 tests to around 250 dogs and cats. This important test serves as a roadmap for what treatment the animals require by analyzing chemistry, electrolyte, immunoassay and blood gas from just two drops of blood, serum or plasma.

Dr. Arkhom Cheewakriengkrai, Vice President, Southeast Asia, India, and Distribution Markets, said, “We at Zoetis are very proud to hear that it was the first time that project teams could come together to provide complete diagnostic and medical services to the community. The VS2 was highly appreciated by the participating veterinarians and pet owners alike.”

Protecting Vulnerable Wildlife in Madagascar

Last month, colleagues in France signed a partnership agreement with Univet Nature to promote the actions of veterinarians who protect wildlife in countries with endangered species. This year the focus is on the Mangily Tortoise Village, a reserve to protect radiated tortoises in Madagascar. The radiated or “star” tortoises have been poached for illegal trade, with population declining from several million turtles in the 1980s to a few hundred thousand today. Zoetis is supporting French veterinarians who travel to Madagascar to provide care to these tortoises.

“At Zoetis, we make it a priority to support veterinarians in their vocation,” said Hervé de Cidrac, Senior Vice President and General Manager, France. “Through this project, we are highlighting the efforts of vets to protect biodiversity and save endangered species. We are very proud to support a project led by passionate veterinarians.”

Supporting Therapy Dogs in South Africa

The human-animal bond can have profound, positive effects, especially when humans aren’t feeling their best. Our colleagues in South Africa are building on previous work we have done to support therapy dogs by donating a portion of sales proceeds and sponsoring monthly doses of Simparica® to the pups of Paws4U. Paws4U provides animal-assisted therapy programs, bite prevention workshops, and other activities that nurture the human-animal bond.

The Paws4U therapy dogs interact with patients in semi-isolation wards and patients that are immunocompromised, hence the products used on these animals must be safe when interacting with humans. Simparica is an ideal choice for these therapy dogs because a dose of Simparica is only one-tenth of its competitors and is 244 times more selective for flea GABA-gated channels and less so for human GABA-gated channels.