Chief Executive Officer Juan Ramón Alaix presented at the J.P. Morgan Global Healthcare Conference on Wednesday, January 11th, marking the third year in a row that Zoetis has spoken at this important industry event. The meeting, which spans four days and is held in San Francisco, CA each year, is an investor event for the healthcare sector, attended by more than 9,000 pharmaceutical executives, investors and financial analysts.

Sustainable Growth and Value Creation in Animal Health

In the Zoetis presentation, Mr. Alaix provided an update on the animal health industry and shared Zoetis’ achievements over the past few years, reinforcing the company as an attractive investment opportunity for shareholders.

Mr. Alaix spoke about the sustainable and predictable long-term growth drivers of the $30 billion animal health industry. Population growth, a rising middle class and increasing urbanization all contribute to making animal health one of the more appealing and resilient segments of healthcare.

Highlighting Zoetis’ four-year journey of achievements and results, Mr. Alaix stressed that the strength of the company’s business model and diverse portfolio has served as the foundation for Zoetis’ success as a stand-alone animal health company. He also discussed how Zoetis has become a leaner and more efficient business with increasing margins and less complexity, continually delivered on their long-term value proposition for investors – and how the company remains committed to those principles for value creation in the future.

Delivering on Our Value PropositionMr. Alaix shared plans for building market leadership through investing in R&D; supporting the launch of key new products with manufacturing investments, marketing programs and field force expansions; and investing in business development activities that will enhance the Zoetis product portfolio, strengthen the company’s presence in emerging markets and expand complementary businesses. He also reinforced the commitment to return excess capital to shareholders.

“From the beginning of Zoetis, we have communicated and delivered a clear value proposition for our shareholders,” said Mr. Alaix, “I am very proud of our ability to achieve our goals, and as we look to the future, these same principles remain the foundation of our commitment to shareholders.”

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