Whether it is sending a client a text appointment reminder, ordering medications online using the Zoetis e-Commerce portal or sharing news of interest with clients on Facebook , veterinarians are increasingly integrating digital technology into their practices.  Acknowledging this reality, Zoetis is building on its commitment to supporting customers in ever better ways with a free mobile app called iVetConnect to complement and enhance Zoetis technical service and support in the United States. The app is designed for use by veterinarians, producers and the Zoetis field force as a single-source repository of information about all Zoetis products and useful resources for animal health professionals. Zoetis is the first U.S. animal health company to offer a mobile application such as iVetConnect.

“We are always thinking about new ways to help and to engage with our customers, “ said Stephanie Simms, director, Veterinary Medical Information and Product Support, and the iVet Connect project leader. “Our new mobile app differentiates Zoetis from our competitors, reinforces our commitment to veterinarians, and demonstrates that we want to provide the latest technology solutions.”

Some of the features of iVetConnect include the ability to:

  • View, print or email Prescribing Information and Material Safety Data Sheets for any of the more than 300 Zoetis products.
  • Connect to Zoetis to report an adverse event or human exposure, or ask a question about a product. One tap connects to the call center or provides the telephone number.
  • Visit U.S. Zoetis websites, as well as the websites of relevant professional associations.
  • Connect to relevant U.S. emergency hotlines, such as those for animal poison control, human poison control, and the Food Animal Residue Avoidance Databank.

Before iVetConnect, customers and sales representatives accessed this information separately online or contacted the U.S. call center. iVetConnect provides 24/7 product information on all Zoetis products in one place and can enhance the call-in experience with hands-on references. When the call center is closed, the app also helps vets on the farm and in the clinic by providing immediate access to product information that could potentially help them avoid adverse events or product use errors.

iVetConnect is offered free of charge and available to veterinarians in the US. This innovation follows other recent Zoetis digital initiatives to the U.S. region including the introductions of iOrder and the Zoetis e-Commerce portal.  For more information, visit www.zoetisus.com.