In an interview with CEO Today magazine, Kristin Peck, Executive Vice President and Group President, U.S. Operations, Business Development and Strategy, shares her thoughts on the rewards of taking on new roles, building empowered teams, and the importance of staying true to yourself to be an effective leader.  

The article is part of the magazine’s special edition on “2018 Business Women of The Year” and features forward-thinking, senior female executives across several sectors and industries, recognized for their business contributions and leadership qualities.  

Embracing Change

Kristin’s story opens with a look back five years ago, when she left her role at Pfizer to join its animal health division being spun off as a new company. That Kristin was up to the challenge simply reflects who she is – and her passion for improving the lives of animals while building something new. “As I look at the success of Zoetis over the last five years, I am incredibly proud to have contributed to the standup of our company,” said Kristin. 

In the interview, Kristin also reflects on the variety of roles and responsibili­ties that have shaped her career – from stints in commercial real estate finance to business model innovation. “Those experiences have allowed me to see a particular prob­lem through many perspec­tives,” she noted.  

That outlook has also motivated her to cultivate more of a customer mindset within the company since taking the role of leading our U.S. business in 2015. “Today, we have greater visibility and accountability than ever before across our 70,000 customer interac­tions,” said Kristin.  

Colleagues and Culture

When asked about the culture she tries to instill within her team, Kristin stressed the importance of trust, empowerment and fun. “At Zoetis, our colleagues work incred­ibly hard, and I want to be sure everyone feels they are empowered to do their best to support their custom­ers each day and that they are encouraged to have fun doing it.”