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Simrun Ramkrishan  

Talent Acquisition Intern 

Why did you choose Zoetis for your summer Internship?

I chose Zoetis because of their mission, and the stability of the animal health industry. Zoetis is a large organization in an industry that will never stop growing and I knew that having the opportunity to work there and to utilize all the developmental opportunities that the company provided would allow me to achieve the personal goals that I set out for myself this summer. Having had the opportunity to spend the summer interning at Zoetis, and as someone who is a pet owner myself, I felt like I was able to contribute to Zoetis’ mission and it made my projects feel a lot more personal and meaningful.

What was your biggest takeaway from the Zoetis mentoring program?

I had the pleasure of having a great mentor at Zoetis. I learned a lot from him and about his life and how his mindset was when he was my age. Learning how he dealt with some of the same struggles as a college student, in terms of navigating college life and navigating the job market, gave me a lot of hope and motivation for my own future. Having a mentor who works in a completely different department than I do helped me expand my knowledge on different topics about the animal health industry. Hearing his thought process inspired me to think differently about things that I may not have if I didn’t have this opportunity.

What was your favorite part of your summer at Zoetis?

Celebrating ‘Purpose Month’ with my team was something that I really enjoyed. We did a team volunteer event and getting to see everyone in person and having the opportunity to put our work aside to bond and collaborate together to do something that would benefit the community was a really great experience. I loved was the opportunities to network, learn from, and collaborate with all the interns throughout the summer. Connecting with other students gave me the chance to learn about other areas of the business that would not normally be exposed to. One of my favorite events as part of this was having lunch with our CEO, Kristin Peck and other executive members on her team. It was a great experience to come together with all the interns and executive leaders to share ideas with one another and get career advice from those who are leading this industry.