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Partnership Opportunities

Zoetis scientists

We see the potential of partnerships to help foster creativity, facilitate risk sharing and advance innovative science. We seek to complement our partners’ skills and technologies for mutual success through creative and flexible working arrangements and combinations of R&D and commercial terms that aim to create value for each partner.

Areas of Interest

Business Partnerships

  • Flexibility in structuring commercial and research partnerships and combinations of these alliances
  • Commercial alliances spanning acquisitions, in-licensing arrangements, co-marketing alliances and distribution agreements

Research & Development

  • Forge successful research collaborations that leverage expert networks across the world
  • Utilize Open Innovation to advance research through participation in consortia with top global experts
  • Identify and rapidly respond to emerging infectious diseases
  • Apply in vivo models to help accelerate pre-clinical research
  • For human pharma and biotech partners, shorten cycle from research to commercialization by validating molecular targets in higher level veterinary species which have naturally occurring chronic diseases
  • Open market opportunities and revenue streams in the near term from animal health uses of new products
  • Utilize Zoetis expertise in veterinary biopharmaceuticals (monoclonal antibodies and protein therapeutics) to evaluate targets in non-rodent species
  • Discover new disease pathways using bioinformatics coupled with relevant biomarkers and leveraging such insights to identify biological targets and develop new solutions
  • Share compound libraries
  • Ensure the production of safe food, starting at farm level through collaborative food safety initiatives

Regulatory Affairs

  • Provide expertise in patent and regulatory processes globally, needed to protect and advance products from early stage through approval and onto commercial success

Manufacturing and Logistics

  • Manufacturing / logistics that span markets around the world

Partner of Choice

Partnership Opportunities vet and producer with beef cow

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Digital Innovation

Digital Innovation veterinarian, dog and pet owner

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