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One Health Approach

veterinarian with dog

The "One Health" Advantages Zoetis Delivers

We recognize that the health of animals and people are interconnected. Research and development in veterinary medicine can help inform and even accelerate innovation in human medicine. Likewise, insights in human medicine can inform innovation in animal health. We call this interdependence One Health.

Taking a One Health approach holds the promise of mutual gains. Bioinformatics and biomarker development for diseases transcend species, uniting the biology of disease understanding across the animal kingdom. Solutions for newly emerging infectious diseases in animals may help protect the health of people.

One Health Facts

  • People and animals have a number of diseases in common such as osteoarthritis, kidney disease, and allergic dermatitis and both experience pain and inflammation as manifestations of underlying diseases. Collaboration between human and animal health researchers provides the potential to advance the understanding of mutually relevant diseases and expand the translational approach to medicine.
  • More than 60 percent of infectious diseases that can affect people are zoonotic, meaning they can transmit between animals and people. Approaches to control infectious disease in animals, especially livestock, are becoming increasingly important.
  • Similarly, technologies that target control of infectious diseases, or that support the prediction or enhancement of feed efficiency in livestock, would be highly valuable to the animal health industry.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss an opportunity for collaboration or for more information about partnering with Zoetis.