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Strategic Partnerships

Achieving Success Together

No company, large or small, can succeed alone in the world of breakthrough medicines and vaccines. Powerful partnerships combine complementary talents, expertise and passion with the organizational capacity to deliver innovative products that improve the care of animals globally.

Working in Collaboration

Powerful partnerships can foster creativity, facilitate risk sharing and advance innovative science. We seek to complement our partners' skills and technologies for mutual success through creative and flexible working arrangements. We join forces with partners throughout the animal health, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and agribusiness industries and collaborate with current and emerging leaders in academia, and public and private institutions who are focused on improving the health and well-being of animals and the people who care for them. Our singular focus on animal health allows partners to potentially leverage shared innovation into other areas.

Learn more about partnership opportunities, our One Health approach and how to become a partner with Zoetis on the following pages:

Partnering with Zoetis

Recent Research Alliances