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R&D Areas of Focus

Zoetis scientists with microscopes

We focus our research on providing customers with integrated solutions to predict, prevent, detect and treat a variety of diseases and conditions in animals. We apply our research to a broad and diverse range of species, therapeutic areas and geographic regions. Our research encompasses vaccines and medicines. In addition, our R&D activities include the development of genetic and diagnostic products, data analytics and sensor technology, as well as biodevices and automation investments for poultry and fish.

Vaccines: Zoetis is a global leader in the research and development of products that help prevent infectious diseases in companion animals and livestock, including poultry and aquaculture. Our research includes modified-live, inactivated and gene-modified approaches to disease prevention. Our technical expertise, innovative models and global presence allow for the rapid response to address new and emerging infectious diseases.

Medicines: Zoetis is the leader in the identification, research and development of small and large molecules for therapeutic use in companion animals, and for therapy and improvement of production efficiencies in livestock, poultry and aquaculture. We seek approaches that improve animal health with a keen eye to environmental sustainability, food safety and food security.

Genetics: Zoetis Genetics R&D delivers comprehensive, state-of-the-art genetic information and support services that deliver genetic predictions and solutions to beef, dairy and sheep producers. From breeding through marketing, our solutions address real-world needs and help customers unlock the value of an animal’s genetic potential. Zoetis’ Clarifide® Plus, launched in 2016, became the first commercially available, U.S.-based genomic test to provide reliable genomic predictions of traits associated with risk of the six of the most common and costly animal health challenges in Holstein dairy cattle such as mastitis and metritis. Accurately predicting animals that have higher risk of disease is crucial to help identify which animals will be more or less likely to be profitable genetically. 

Diagnostics: Zoetis R&D offers a world-class portfolio of immunodiagnostic products that utilize technologies such as enzyme linked immuno-sorbent assay (ELISA), Rapid Immuno Migration (RIM™) tests, and agar gel immuno-diffusion (AGID) tests. Our research is also focused on point-of-care diagnostic instruments that support veterinary clinics and hospitals in the rapid detection of diseases and conditions in animals. Our Diagnostic portfolio consists of more than 90 diagnostic tests, including those that veterinarians can use at point-of-care and for use in diagnostics reference laboratories.

Biodevices: Zoetis R&D offers a novel and innovative pipeline of automated bio-mechanical solutions to the poultry industry that include cutting edge technologies for in ovo vaccination of embryonated eggs prior to hatch; identification of embryonated egg status, including live and non-live and other related needs. Our Embrex® poultry biodevice portfolio consists of devices for both the large and small poultry producer and the manufacturer of egg-based vaccines for either human or veterinary use. 

Our robotic automation systems for poultry hatcheries can be integrated with our biodevices and enable Zoetis to provide hatchery customers with comprehensive solutions for their operations. The PHARMAQ business of Zoetis, the leader in vaccines for the farmed fish sector, offers customers machine automated vaccination systems and services to help protect several species of fish from common and costly disease threats. 

Data Analytics and Sensor Technology: Our research in data analytic systems and sensors is focused on providing veterinarians and livestock producers with powerful tools to make data-driven health care decisions. These solutions will integrate effectively with genetic tests, diagnostics, vaccines and medicines to improve the health of animals and the productivity of livestock.


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