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Meet Our Colleagues

January 9, 2017

Living the Zoetis Core Beliefs: Hoang, General Manager, Vietnam

Hoang Colleague Spotlight

Since Hoang began his role as general manager of Vietnam for Zoetis in January 2015, the country has managed to exceed all expectations— not only in sales, but also in colleague engagement and performance. His positive track record is rooted in living the Zoetis Core Beliefs as a leader, and his team is more engaged than ever to succeed.

Prior to his career at Zoetis, Hoang held several leadership positions at consumer goods and pharmaceutical companies in Southeast Asia. These experiences helped him become the leader he is today and learning from his mistakes helped shape his vision of success.

"I learned a lot from my experiences and my mistakes. Leaders who have influenced me explained to me that success was not only about achieving results, but building strong teams, said Hoang. “Being smart is not good enough, nor does one stand alone,” said Hoang. “Achieving success as a team is much more rewarding and requires soft skills that cannot be learned at school."

Our Colleagues Make the Difference

Hoang recognizes that Zoetis Colleagues Make the Difference. "Every colleague is important for the company's success,” he said. “Building a team is like building a family, we share and we care for each other. We work on trust."

He believes great teams work together, in good times and bad, and exhibit honesty, respect and trust toward one another.

Run It Like You Own It

"Hoang is a leader that sets the tone for his team and sets a clear vision on what is to be achieved and how it can be done. Most importantly, he is a leader that leads by example and who isn't afraid to work in the business not on the business. He is a great example of a servant leader who always puts his team first," said Rob, Cluster Lead, Asia Pacific at Zoetis.

Hoang believes that leaders need to be role models who act with integrity, and that is how he manages his market.

By setting clear targets for the Zoetis Vietnam group and helping colleagues stay focused on and accountable for these targets, he makes sure his whole team understands how their work contributes to our shared mission as One Zoetis.

Hoang's Recipe for Success

Hoang attributes six simple principles for success:

  • Be honest to yourself and others, and show " leadership by example"

  • Live the Core Beliefs

  • Always work together as a team

  • Do things Better, Faster, Smarter

  • Success comes (only) with hard work

  • Celebrate wins

"If we work together and support one another as we work toward our goals, it will pay off for all of us," concluded Hoang.

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