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Meet Our Colleagues

March 29, 2017

Living the Zoetis Core Beliefs: Angelo, Director of Zoetis Cattle & Equine Business Unit in Brazil

Angelo Colleague Spotlight

Angelo, Director of the Zoetis Cattle & Equine Business Unit in Brazil, has overseen 14 consecutive quarters of growth for his business in the midst of an extremely challenging economy in Brazil. How did Angelo and his team achieve these results? Angelo upholds the Zoetis Core Belief to “Run It Like You Own It.” He saw a need for change and implemented a long-term strategy to grow Zoetis’ cattle and equine businesses in Brazil.

Big Cattle in Brazil

The cattle business is big in Brazil. The country has one of the largest commercial cattle herds in the world with more than 211 million head. And the numbers are predicted to grow. According to the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, by 2020 national beef production is expected to account for 44.5% of the world market. For Zoetis, the cattle market in Brazil is second only to the United States.

A Better Way to Do Business

As the leader of the cattle and equine business unit in Brazil, Angelo faced a big responsibility, so he took ownership to make changes that are delivering results. The first thing Angelo did was look to customers. In Brazil, the cattle industry is fragmented among more than one million farms throughout the geographically large country.  In order to expand Zoetis’ reach, Angelo led efforts to expand the field sales force and began implementing an approach that is reaching more customers throughout Brazil via a new specialized distribution chain.

The next thing Angelo and his team focused on was providing value to customers. In Brazil, many of the established products are sold over-the-counter, and farmers already know their benefits. Angelo and his team focused on increasing availability of these products, so farmers could always find them at their local store. The field force’s education efforts were then directed to innovative products and they targeted farmers interested in novel ways of promoting animal health.

For Company and Country

The disciplined implementation of this new strategy led to several consecutive quarters of growth.  Angelo said he is proud of his contributions to Zoetis because the company is changing the cattle market for the better. He said, “I feel that we are at the forefront of technology. Zoetis has a sophisticated field force and innovative products. We help farmers make better decisions to increase production and reduce costs. I am not only helping my company to succeed, I am also helping my country to succeed.”

Angelo’s manager agrees. “Since we appointed Angelo as the head of the cattle and equine business unit in Brazil we have seen the results of several skills he has put in place. Demonstrating strategic discipline to implement our plans, being a change agent, and continuing to build up an accountability and performance culture are a few of them,” said Paco, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Brazil and Southern Latin America cluster. He continued, “I am impressed by the contributions he has made to our operations in Brazil.”

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