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Meet Our Colleagues

February 8, 2018

Living the Zoetis Core Beliefs: Allen, Business Unit Director, Swine

Allen Colleague Spotlight

Delivering value to China’s swine producers and veterinarians is what drives the success of Allen, Swine Business Unit Director, China.  Grounding his working philosophy in our Core Belief to be Customer Obsessed, Allen focuses on his connection with our customers, often visiting their farms to understand how he can better serve their needs. His expansive animal health career provides a strong foundation on which to relate to customers and lead the swine team in a competitive Chinese market.

Allen joined Zoetis (then Pfizer Animal Health) in 1999 as a founding member of China’s livestock team. Beginning as a sales manager, Allen worked his way through roles of increasing responsibility. Before Zoetis, he worked in poultry and feed raw materials.

Core Beliefs Inform Allen’s Leadership

The Chinese swine market, which is the second largest in the world, presents an exciting and challenging opportunity. With over 1,600 local animal health companies and the presence of all major animal health companies, the competition is strong. “Facing such fierce competition, we must strategically predict the industry trends and formulate strategies with high business acumen, while keeping up with rapid industry changes,” said Allen. “I encourage my team to work in the spirit of Customer Obsession to find ways we can deliver invaluable tailored solutions.”

Allen has played a pivotal role in delivering two vaccines designed for the needs of China’s swine farmers.

Empowering His Team to Run it Like They Own It

China’s swine industry is changing quickly alongside a rising demand for pork. As the market consolidates, there is a need for larger herds, sophisticated tools and technology, and better access to quality vaccines and medicines. Allen has led his team in setting priorities to efficiently meet these needs: “Each member of my amazing team brings their own expertise. I try to empower them to run it like they own it to meet the company’s strategy. As a result, we’ve grown our business for the last five years and  I’m very proud of this achievement.”

To keep his team motivated and engaged, Allen worked with them to develop a precise vision. “After many discussions, we outlined what was really important to us,” he said. “Our vision is to provide the best products, advance farming and breeding practices, and deliver first class technical service to our customers. As a leader in animal health, I also aim to create a great place to work, increase our market share and provide high quality and safe pork.” Allen motivates his team to meet these objectives every day.

A Winning Mindset for the Future

Allen is excited about the future of the Chinese swine market: “With China producing nearly half of the world’s swine, and with more and more customers we are able to serve, I believe that what we have achieved so far is just the beginning. Our goal is for China to become Zoetis’ top swine market.”

When Allen isn’t leading China’s exciting swine team, he enjoys the energizing benefits of running and playing golf.


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