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Supplier Onboarding

Zoetis uses Ariba Network (AN) to manage our sourcing and procurement activities and to collaborate with suppliers. If your company is selected to become a Zoetis supplier, you may be requested to complete the Supplier Registration Questionnaire via the AN. In this case, you will receive an email from your Zoetis contact with an invitation to register to become a Zoetis supplier. This email includes a link to the Ariba Network (AN). After you complete the Questionnaire, Zoetis processes your supplier request. Once your Supplier record is created at Zoetis, you can elect to receive you purchase orders and submit invoices through the Ariba Network. You can also update your Zoetis profile through the AN (e.g. contacts, banking information).


  • You have 30 days to respond to your Supplier Registration Questionnaire. If you do not complete the questionnaire by the end date, you will need to ask your Zoetis contact to resend the registration invite.
  • When completing your online Registration Questionnaire, be sure to attach the appropriate tax and banking forms (e.g. W9 or Withholding tax form). Blank forms can be found below.
  • If you are requesting electronic payment, be sure to attached banking information on Company letterhead signed by Vendor or provide a signed document from your bank signed by Vendor. 
  • You may also attach additional forms as you see appropriate (e.g. insurance certifications, financial forms).

More about Ariba Network (AN):

Use of the Ariba Network for supplier registration is free for suppliers.

If you want to receive your POs, send your Invoices, and/or want the ability to check your invoice status via the AN, contact Zoetis at Zoetis_AN_Admin@zoetis.com. If you are already receiving POs and sending Invoices via the AN with other customers, be sure to include your ANID.

For more information about Ariba Network for Suppliers visit: https://www.ariba.com/ariba-network/ariba-network-for-suppliers

Supplier Setup Resources:

Supplier Guide in Arabic

Supplier Guide in Chinese

Supplier Guide in Czech

Supplier Guide in French

Supplier Guide in German

Supplier Guide in Italian

Supplier Guide in Japanese

Supplier Guide in Portuguese

Supplier Guide in Russian

Supplier Guide in Spanish

Supplier Guide in Turkish

Supplier Guide in Ukrainian

Tax Forms

For questions regarding your supplier setup status, go to Submit a Question (left menu), and select the topic Supplier Onboarding.