Rethinking Our Packaging


Rethink our packaging to reduce its environmental footprint


Integrate sustainability considerations into all new packaging designs


Developed a sustainable packaging strategy, focusing our investments in the areas most important to our footprint and our customers.
Undertook a pilot Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to identify key areas of environmental impacts in our product manufacturing processes.
Launched improved product and supply chain packaging.

We’re working to innovate packaging systems that not only maintain the safety and quality of our products and provide convenience for our customers, but also result in less waste and reduced emissions at every stage of the product pathway. With the support of our leadership team and the dedication of our Packaging Council, packaging technology teams, and manufacturing, regulatory, research, supply chain, and commercial colleagues, we’re rethinking our packaging and reducing our environmental footprint.

In 2023, we further defined our Sustainability Packaging strategy and our sustainable design Program using the Sustainable Product Pathway, including performing our first product Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) studies. This strategic investment provides key data as we work towards improving the environmental footprint of our products. Find out more in our 2023 Sustainability Report.

Zoetis Product Pathway chart - Zoetis
Zoetis Aquaculture - Zoetis

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