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January 15, 2016

Juan Ramón Alaix Presents at Premier Global Healthcare Conference

Zoetis Chief Executive Officer, Juan Ramón Alaix

On Wednesday, Jan. 13th, Zoetis CEO Juan Ramón Alaix presented at the J.P. Morgan Global Healthcare Conference for the second year in a row. The conference, held every January in San Francisco, is the premier investor event for the healthcare sector, attended by more than 9,000 pharmaceutical executives, investors and financial analysts.

Leadership and Growth in Animal Health

During his presentation, Mr. Alaix gave an overview of the animal health industry and Zoetis’ accomplishments during the past year. He highlighted the fact that animal health, from an investor perspective, has evolved into a distinct and important part of the healthcare industry.  As the world leader in this $24B industry, he explained that Zoetis serves a unique set of customers and has defined and advanced various categories in animal therapy -- including vaccines, antibiotics, pain, oncology and more recently dermatology.

Mr. Alaix also talked about the actions the company is taking to sustain growth and value creation over the long term. He noted that over the last five years, Zoetis has grown revenue faster than the market, and has also worked hard to reduce costs, increase efficiency and deliver profitable results. All of this work has provided Zoetis with additional resources that can be deployed to grow the business and create shareholder value. In fact in 2015, he explained, the company made nearly $1.6 billion in investments in growth, including key acquisitions, internal R&D and capital plans - all designed to ensure our futuregrowth. “We have the business model, characteristics and resources to continue delivering results,” Mr. Alaix concluded.

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