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January 8, 2019

Podcast: How Genetic Testing Helps Farmers

Dairy cattle in field

Can a genetic test help farmers identify dairy cows that produce high volumes of milk? Or beef cattle that produce well-marbled steaks? Can genetic testing also help predict which cows are naturally resistant to the most common diseases that can affect their health?  

The answer to these questions is yes. Zoetis scientists have developed a portfolio of genetic tests that make all of this possible, giving farmers actionable data on which breeding decisions to make.  In this Innovation at Zoetis podcast, Dr. Sue DeNise, Executive Director of Genetics Research at Zoetis, talks about sequencing the reference genomes for Holstein and Angus cattle, and the possibilities these achievements unfold to help farmers improve the health and performance of their herds, and the profitability and sustainability of their farms.   

Listen to our podcast:

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