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May 13, 2020

Fur-Real: COVID-19 Webinar for Pet Owners

Man with happy dog

Zoetis teamed up with AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) to share valuable tips and takeaways for pet owners in caring for their pets during coronavirus. In this recently recorded webinar, Dr. Christine Jenkins, Chief Medical Officer, U.S. Operations for Zoetis, hosted a conversation with Dr. Gail Golab, Chief Veterinary Officer of AVMA, and Dr. Aaron Smiley, a practicing veterinarian and advisor on the topic of veterinary telehealth. Acknowledging the challenge and concerns the pandemic raises for veterinarians and pet owners alike, these veterinary experts discussed what is most important to know about pets and COVID-19, what precautions pet owners should take when interacting with their pets; and how veterinary clinics are caring for pets in this environment.

To learn more, click here to watch the full webinar.  

Additional Resources

For additional resources and guidelines on coronavirus and your pets, visit the U.S. Petcare page on Zoetis.com. For Equine-specific COVID-19 resources, visit the U.S. Equine page.

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