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Protect Our Planet

Dairy Cows in Meadow

We steward resources responsibly and focus on conservation to minimize our environmental impact, as we deliver products and services that advance the health of animals.

We continue to look for opportunities to minimize our carbon footprint. For example, we have implemented energy efficiency measures in key manufacturing processes and equipment in our sites around the world, and we access energy from renewable sources where possible. To increase our use of renewable energy, we are planning Power Purchase Agreements in the U.S., and additional clean electricity sourcing in Europe. We also will adopt more remote working practices to reduce non-essential travel and provide employees options for electric or hybrid cars.

We will rethink our packaging to reduce its environmental footprint and design packages for new products with sustainability in mind. In the U.S. and Canada, we have transitioned from Styrofoam coolers used for transporting vaccines to fully recyclable shipping coolers. In New Zealand, we have also optimized product packaging to be more environmentally friendly.


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