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Vendor Communication

Zoetis is making some enhancements to its invoicing and payment processes to serve you and our customers more effectively. As a valued vendor, your support is very important to us, and we appreciate your cooperation to help ensure that you receive timely and accurate payment from Zoetis.

Below are the key changes you can expect going forward:

  •        Online Vendor Support. To assist you in troubleshooting and resolving inquiries related to purchase orders, invoices and payments, we have created a new, online ticketing tool that’s available through the supplier portal at https://www.zoetis.com/suppliers/form.aspx.  
  •        Payment Frequency.  To improve our efficiency, we are reducing our payment run frequency to fewer cycles. This means that if you’re currently being paid by check, your payments may not be as timely as those done electronically. Therefore, we ask you to set up electronic payments, if you have not already done so, by submitting a ticket at https://www.zoetis.com/suppliers/form.aspx
  •        Moving to electronic payments in the U.S.  Specifically for the US, we are working with Citibank to move check vendors to electronic payments (Virtual card or ACH).  If you are a US vendor, expect to be contacted regarding our virtual card program.
  •        Invoice Payments.  In keeping with Zoetis Purchase Order Terms and Conditions associated with indirect procurement found at https://www.zoetis.com/suppliers/purchase-order-terms-and-conditions.aspx, invoice payments will be made based on the date the invoice is received if currently stipulated in the contract or PO. All new contracts will also stipulate these new terms.

o   To facilitate timely payment, all invoices must meet requirements as stipulated on the Zoetis website at https://www.zoetis.com/suppliers/invoice-requirements.aspx

o   The invoice must be submitted directly to Accounts Payable either by email or through the Ariba Supplier Network.  For a list of the emails by country, go to https://www.zoetis.com/suppliers/invoice-submission.aspx.  To register for the Ariba Network, contact Zoetis_AN_Admin@zoetis.com or go to https://supplier.ariba.com.

For more information on these changes and answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs), please visit our Supplier Portal at https://www.zoetis.com/suppliers/index.aspx

Thank you for your business with Zoetis!