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Invoice Submission

For your convenience, Zoetis Accounts Payable offers two options for submitting invoices.

Option 1: E-invoicing via the Ariba Supplier Network

Zoetis utilizes the Ariba Supplier Network (ASN) for electronic PO and invoice submission.  The ASN is our preferred method for receiving invoices.   

If you are interested in participating in the Zoetis e-Invoicing program please contact  Zoetis_AN_Admin@zoetis.com to learn more and begin the set up process.

Note to e-Invoicing Suppliers: If you are participating in a Zoetis e-invoicing initiative, please do not send invoices to Accounts Payable.

Option 2: Email your invoice to Accounts Payable

After you confirm that your invoice meets the Zoetis invoice requirements, please email your invoice to Accounts payable at the appropriate address listed in the below document.

Invoice Submission Emails


  • Do not attach backup documents to the email.
  • Must be TIFF or PDF format. DO NOT zip any of these file types.
  • Do not put additional information in the body of the email.
  • Do not send other documents or questions to this mailbox. See below for contact information.