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Invoice Requirements

To ensure prompt and accurate payment of all invoices submitted by your company, please review the following instructions:

Information required on invoices:

    • The invoice should be clearly marked as ‘Invoice’ and must be billed to Zoetis with the correct Zoetis Entity Name and ‘ship to’ location where the goods / services were delivered.
    • The invoice should reference a valid Zoetis Purchase Order Number. If a Purchase Order is not available, a Zoetis Contact and email address must be listed on the invoice.
    • Invoices should be for one Purchase Order only.
    • Each invoice must have a unique invoice number.
    • Invoice Number and Invoice Date must be prominently mentioned on the main invoice, not on attachments or subsequent pages.
    • The invoice must contain a detailed description of goods or services provided, amounts owed and the currency for payment.   Invoice billing currency must match the Purchase Order billing currency.
    • The Vendor name, address and remittance instructions (address, bank details) must be mentioned on the invoice.  Tax type and rate (if any) should be mentioned on the invoice and calculations should be correct.
    • The invoice must be legible and printed on paper stock that can be scanned for processing.  Do not use color, shading, or water marks on the invoice.
    • Credits issued to Zoetis should be sent separately as a Credit Memo and should not be part of the actual invoice.
    • For Europe, the VAT Number for both Zoetis and the supplier must be clearly marked on the invoice.

NOTE: Any invoice without a valid PO number or the name/email address of a Zoetis colleague will NOT be processed and will be rejected.