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Solid Dosage (Tablets)

  • Our expertise in manufacturing and packaging tablets for the human and animal health business are second to none.  We have decades of experience with Mixing, Blending, Drying, Sizing, Tablet Compressing, Coating and Extruding technologies. 

  • We have dedicated suites that provide containment for OEB 3 and OEB 4 APIs.  We are DEA certified to manufacture with certain narcotics and potent drug compounds.
  • Configuration of Tablets: Round, Square  & Caplet/Oval
  • Size of Tablets: 0.20" in diameter in a round to 0.86" X 2.1" in an oval
  • Weight of Tablets from 0.050 grams in a round to 15 grams in an oval
  • Tablet Filling in plastic bottles from 60cc to 625cc

Contract Manufacturing