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Applying Innovative Protocols and Technology

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We apply new scientific insights and the availability of new animal health technologies to evolve ever-better animal health protocols that integrate best practices in animal health, husbandry, biosecurity and nutrition. We pursue opportunities to be the animal health partner of choice in research collaborations and consortia that seek to pioneer the application of digital innovation in animal agriculture. Using digital tools and bioinformatics techniques, veterinary scientists aim to help farmers predict which animals in a herd or flock are at greatest risk of illness and help speed preventive steps to help protect the health of individual animals and ultimately their herds and flocks.

Individual Pig Care – It’s the Right Thing to Do®

Individual Pig Care training helps caregivers learn how to identify signs of illness sooner. Individual Pig Care begins with focusing and looking closely at the ears, snout, posture and attitude of each pig. By observing each and every pig every day, sick pigs can be spotted sooner, medicine can be used more effectively, recoveries can be quicker and more pigs are likely to reach their full market potential. Zoetis has brought this unique program to thousands of pork producer customers worldwide.

Rotecc® Coccidiosis Management

Coccidial disease stands among the most common and perennial health problems that occur in poultry flocks worldwide. Zoetis poultry veterinary specialists developed Rotecc® Coccidiosis Management to help poultry growers manage the persistent threat of coccidiosis efficiently. The Rotecc approach involves working closely with Zoetis to create a customized coccidiosis management rotation program. This includes monitoring the duration of use of products, alternating the use of different classes of products and the optimal use of vaccines. Every program is backed by sound science and helps improve flock health, increase profitability and secure the long-term viability of all coccidiosis management products.

Agri-Tech Catalyst Collaboration in Swine Farming

A consortium of academic and animal health industry partners in the UK, led by Zoetis, embarked in November 2014 on a pioneering four-year project that aims to develop visual imaging methods integrated with digital technologies to help pork producers improve the health and wellness of pig herds and enhance production efficiency. The $3 million (USD) project was funded by an Agri-Tech Catalyst Award from Innovate UK. Zoetis and the partners are developing advanced technologies to analyze pig behavior and performance, looking for early warning signs of disease or stress and paving the way to treatment and care sooner than has been previously possible.