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Antibiotic Stewardship

At Zoetis, we believe antibiotic medicines are a precious resource. By using them responsibly today, we will work to help protect their efficacy tomorrow.

Zoetis supports the responsible use of antibiotic medicines in animals and in people. We believe that veterinary professionals should be involved in decisions about the use of antibiotic medicines in animals to protect animal and human health, to assure the safety of the food supply, and to help reduce the risk of resistance. We are committed to supporting our veterinary and livestock farmer customers with the knowledge and tools to use antibiotic medicines responsibly and properly according to their labeling.

Through our Research and Development program, we are seeking new solutions to help veterinarians predict, prevent and treat disease in animals. This includes antibiotic medicines for veterinary only use as well as non-antibiotic anti-infectives, vaccines, diagnostics and genetic tests as well as digital innovation to help veterinary professionals predict and prevent illness in animals earlier than ever before possible.

In the United States, our global headquarters country, Zoetis supports the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) actions to end growth promotion indications for medically important antibiotics in food-producing animals that began on January 1, 2017. With the implementation of Guidances #209 and #213, our medically important antibiotic feed additive products will be approved only for therapeutic uses. This reflects our steadfast commitment to antibiotic stewardship and represents the many ways that Zoetis promotes the responsible use of antimicrobial medicines in animals.

Further, we support the revisions to the Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) regulation that became effective in 2017. We believe that veterinary professionals should be involved in decisions regarding antibiotic use in food animals for the health of the animal and for the safety of the food supply.

In the European Union, Zoetis complies with all regulations concerning the use of antibiotic medicines. Use for growth promotion and feed efficiency has been prohibited in the European Union since 2007. Zoetis does not market antibiotics for growth promotion use in the EU.

In other international markets, we recognize that there are substantial differences in livestock production systems and degrees of food security throughout the world and respect that an efficient food production system will be required to continue feeding a growing world population. That being the case, we comply with national regulatory interpretation and oversight for each region, while continuing to base our internal decisions regarding antibiotic stewardship on sound science and data.

We do not seek new growth claims for our products categorized as medically important, and we support removing growth promotion claims for medically important antibiotics in markets where regulatory authorities choose to remove these claims. We work with regulatory authorities and other stakeholders to assess the future of growth claims for medically important antibiotics. In countries where medically important antibiotics are labeled for growth promotion or feed efficiency, we do not promote these claims.

We work with regulatory authorities worldwide to register new therapeutic claims for medically important antibiotic products, while continuing to market these products in accordance with approved labeling.