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Our Products Help Farmers Raise Animals Sustainably

livestock producers with pigs

We support options to improve the sustainable supplies of animal protein, and we encourage livestock farmers to use sustainable practices and products.

Zoetis participates in global conversations about sustainability in animal health. We help develop the standards and procedures with our industry partners and other globally respected organizations, including the World Organization for Animal Health, HealthforAnimals - the global animal health trade association, Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef, Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care International and other organizations.

Improvac Helps Pork Producers Raise Pigs Sustainably

Farmers who use our products often see a higher yield in their livestock (they raise more meat from less resources). Zoetis products such as Improvest/Improvac® often lead to recognizable, sustainable benefits to producers, consumers, animals, and the environment.

  • Environmental benefits: Studies show that raising male pigs using Improvac uses less resources, produces less waste and has a smaller carbon footprint than production using physical castration
  • Producer benefits: Pigs managed with Improvac present better meat quality (leaner meat) and a more economical feed conversion ratio for the producer
  • Consumer benefits: The pork meat quality is leaner and perceived as superior to pork from intact boars (male pigs not castrated) for taste and other qualities
  • Animal welfare: Physical castration of piglets is a painful practice for animals, with multiple sanitary implications. Improvac provides a more welfare-friendly alternative to physical castration of male pigs