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Policy on Animal Care and Use

Zoetis is dedicated to helping animals live longer, healthier lives through the discovery and development of breakthrough medicines and therapies. Animal-based biomedical research in the pharmaceutical industry remains a vital component of the discovery, evaluation and regulatory processes, which lead to the development of products that save or improve animal lives throughout the world.

We are responsible for conducting all of our animal research in a responsible, humane and ethical manner. For as long as it remains necessary to use animals in veterinary research in the discovery, development and evaluation of new medicines and therapies, we will remain committed to maintaining high standards of animal care and welfare consistent with or exceeding those required by local, national and international laws and regulations. 

Zoetis supports the development and adoption of novel, non-animal test methods for assessing the safety of new products that can reduce, replace or refine the use of animal testing. We adhere to the principles known as the 3R’s of animal research.

Replacement of animal experiments with non-animal experiments such as mathematical models, computer simulations, and in-vitro biological systems wherever appropriate.

Reduction of the numbers of animals used in each study when animals must be used, and of the number of studies involving animals, to the absolute minimum necessary to obtain valid results and achieve our research objectives.

Refinement of procedures involving animals to minimize the potential for pain and distress.