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Advancing Research

Veterinary student with horse

Zoetis works with leading institutions and associations to help generate scientific insights that help improve the health of animals and enrich the lives of people who raise and care for them. These initiatives include studies advancing understanding of the human-animal bond.

Acquiring New Knowledge of the Human-Animal Bond

Canines and Childhood Cancer Study of the Human-Animal Bond - Zoetis, in partnership with American Humane, is sponsoring the Canines and Childhood Cancer study evaluating the effects of animal-assisted therapy (AAT) on more than 120 pediatric oncology patients ages 3 to 17, their families, and the therapy dogs that visit them. Many hospitals have therapy dogs which visit with patients, and anecdotal evidence underscores the positive impact these programs have on children with cancer and their families.

In the study, oncology researchers at five children’s hospitals in the U.S. collected data on blood pressure, pulse rates and anxiety levels of children before and after a weekly visit from a therapy dog. During the visits, children pet or talk to the dog, brush its fur, view the dog's photos, watch the dog practicing tricks or commands, and learn about dog breeds. Preliminary findings from this study, presented at the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) National Conference in 2015 in Washington, D.C., showed that blood pressure readings in the group receiving animal-assisted interventions remains more stable across all sessions than in the control group. Similarly, there was a higher degree of variability in heart rate within the control group patients than with the treatment group. Final results are anticipated in 2017.

Human-Animal Bond Research Initiative - Zoetis is a founding member of the Human-Animal Bond Research Initiative (HABRI). Since 2010, HABRI has created the world’s largest online library of human-animal interaction science, HABRI Central, and has funded more than $500,000 in innovative research projects. HABRI Central has become a powerful tool utilized by academics and research scientists to scientifically document the health benefits of companion animals. HABRI informs the public about groundbreaking human-animal bond research and the beneficial role of companion animals in society.

Gaining New Insights into Animal Health and Wellness

Canine Lifetime Health Project - Zoetis is a partner to the Morris Animal Foundation on a comprehensive study to provide insight into the core factors of canine disease. This first-of-its-kind observational study will try to identify the genetic, nutritional, and environmental risk factors for canine diseases. Our commitment to the study comprises financial backing as well as in-kind support that includes involvement by Zoetis scientists.

Zoetis Investment in Innovation Fund - The Zoetis Investment in Innovation Fund annually grants 100,000 Canadian dollars to insightful and innovative research projects from undergraduate students and faculty members across the five Colleges of Veterinary Medicine in Canada.