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Making a Difference in Our Communities

To make a positive impact, we work to develop imaginative and productive partnerships with those who share our goals of making a difference in the communities where we live and work. Here is a sampling of how Zoetis engages in the community:

Research into the Human-Animal Bond

American Humane Association

Our research partnership with the American Humane Association is part of a broader program to explore and better define the human-animal bond, and focuses on investigating the effects of animal-assisted therapy on pediatric cancer patients and their families. 

Cancer Supportive Services at Mount Sinai Beth Israel Medical Center 

In partnership with Cancer Supportive Services at Mount Sinai Beth Israel Medical Center in New York and The Good Dog Foundation, we are measuring the benefits of animal-assisted therapy in adult cancer patients. This study also aims to help scientifically evaluate how the bond people have with animals can positively affect the physiological and/or psychological health of adult cancer patients.

Protecting the Environment

Exemplifying our leadership in and commitment to a safe, sustainable food supply, Zoetis received an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)* for Improvac, the novel immunological product for swine.  The EPD shows that pigs given Improvac mature to their full potential naturally with more lean meat while they eat less, use fewer resources, and produce less waste – resulting in a smaller carbon footprint, compared with standard methods of raising pigs.  

Alleviating Hardships Following Natural Disaster

Zoetis is there when our communities need us most. In response to natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, severe droughts, flooding, wildfires and tornados, we work with our local teams to respond with both financial support and vital veterinary medicines to help protect animal health and welfare.

*from the Bureau Veritas, based on a Lifecycle Assessment conducted by Life Cycle Engineering, an independent company in Torino, Italy, with support from Zoetis.