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Promoting Pet Adoption

blue-eyed kitten

Around the world, animal rescue organizations and shelters work tirelessly to find pets forever homes. We share that goal and are committed to promoting pet adoption and supporting the work of animal shelter organizations in the countries where we operate.

Zoetis for Shelters
We made it our mission to find solutions to the toughest health challenges of animal shelters in the United States. The Zoetis for Shelters online portal offers valuable discounts, expert information, and tips from our community of animal shelters. The average shelter saves $5,500 a year. By helping shelters save money, Zoetis is helping save more animals every day.

Revolution DOGRUN
Zoetis sponsors this event every year in Argentina to promote responsible pet ownership. More than 3,000 dog owners and their pets either walk or run together in this street race for the cause of animal wellness.

World Veterinary Day 5K Charity Run
Zoetis organizes this race in four cities in China to bring attention to the living conditions of stray animals. Zoetis donates the proceeds as well as an equal value of Zoetis medicines to four non-profit organizations dedicated to protecting the health of stray animals and promoting pet adoption.