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Additional Resources

Additional coccidiosis management resources

See the articles below for more coccidiosis management insights applicable to many modern production environments.

Anticoccidial rotation and good husbandry can improve coccidiosis control
By Marco Quiroz, DVM
Good husbandry, particularly practices that support gut health, are equally important for managing coccidiosis and preserving the effectiveness of medications.

Got maxima? New sampling procedure aids detection
A modified sampling procedure developed by researchers at Zoetis has dramatically improved the detection of Eimeria maxima infection in broilers.

Coccidiosis: Why is it so difficult to manage?
With more than a dozen antimicrobials and a half dozen vaccines available for coccidiosis, why are poultry producers still having such a difficult time managing this costly disease?

‘Rotate smarter,’ says coccidiosis management specialist
Planning ahead and thinking about your program 12, 18 and even 24 months from now is a huge step in the right direction.

Coccidiosis control takes long-term planning
By Donald Waldrip, DVM
One of the most important steps poultry producers can take to achieve sustainable coccidiosis management and reduce losses from the disease is long-range planning.

Poultry veterinarian shares ideas for managing coccidiosis more effectively, economically, sustainably
Poultry Health Today recently talked with Don Waldrip, DVM,Dipl. ACPV, senior technical services veterinarian at Zoetis, to learn to learn more about RoteccSM Coccidiosis Management and the best practices behind it.