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veterinarian with cat

Diagnostic instruments and tests are taking an increasingly vital role in animal health, making it possible for veterinarians, livestock farmers and pet owners to monitor health and detect disease in animals in minutes.

Recognizing the importance of making data-guided healthcare decisions, we at Zoetis have made a range of diagnostic solutions a core part of our portfolio alongside medicines and vaccines. Our Diagnostics portfolio consists of more than 90 instruments and tests, including those that veterinarians can use at point of care and for use in diagnostics reference laboratories.

Vetscan and i-STAT logosWe offer the VETSCAN® family of benchtop and handheld diagnostic instruments, rapid assay tests and consumables for use in dogs, cats, horses, cattle and pigs. These include the benchtop VETSCAN HM5 Hematology Analyzer and VETSCAN VS2 Chemistry Analyzer along with the VETSCAN SA Sediment Analyzer, VETSCAN UA Urine Analyzer and the i-STAT Alinity v Handheld Analyzer.. The VETSCAN family of rapid tests features the VETSCAN Flex4 Rapid Test as well as test kits for canine and feline heartworm and other canine infections such as Lyme disease, giardia, parvo, and anaplasma.

StableLab logoIn addition, Stablelab is an easy to use handheld analyzer that quantifies equine Serum Amyloid A (SAA) in whole blood, serum and plasma for stall-side results in 10 minutes. SAA is a major, acute phase protein produced by the liver that rapidly and dramatically increases in response to inflammation caused by infection. By measuring SAA, veterinarians can identify the presence of an infection and assess its severity sooner – often, before clinical symptoms start – and are able to monitor the horse’s response over the course of treatment.

Zoetis Reference LaboratoriesFor pathology, microbiology, and any other tests you send out, Zoetis Reference Laboratories offers a nationwide network of reference labs with courier service, easy ship options and PIMS integration to deliver the results you need to maintain high-quality patient care.*

WITNESS, ProFLOK and SERELISA logosZoetis has a broad portfolio of immunodiagnostic test kits. Our easy-to-use WITNESS® diagnostic tests deliver accurate, fast and clear point of care results using Rapid Immuno Migration™ technology. Our ProFLOK® test kits for poultry, supported by data interpretation software, set the standard for effective monitoring and detection of a the most common disease threats to poultry flocks. Our SERELISA® family of tests are well established in mandatory and voluntary disease control and eradication programs while our CHEK® diagnostic test kits combine proven enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) technology and convenience in an easy-to-use format. 

AlphaTRAK logoPet owners rely on Zoetis’ AlphaTRAK® blood glucose monitoring system, which is specifically designed to monitor the blood glucose of dogs, cats and ferrets with diabetes. It delivers proven accuracy, convenience, and cost efficiency.

*For more US diagnostic product information, please visit www.zoetisUS.com/dx.

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