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Meet Our Colleagues

November 22, 2017

Living the Zoetis Core Beliefs: Umit, Account Manager

Umit Colleague Spotlight

A commitment to customers and a passion for innovation have been key factors in Umit’s success at Zoetis France, where he started as an account manager in 2013.

His career has flourished over the years. Since the beginning of 2017, Umit’s focus on customers and Zoetis innovation has led him to achieve the highest sales on the Zoetis France team. His success this year comes from ramp up of our chewable flea and tick product for dogs, Simparica®. He also played an important role in the successful launch of Stronghold® Plus, our once-monthly medication that treats internal and external parasites in cats.

“I like challenges,” said Umit during an interview. “The market for flea and tick medication is very competitive. But with my close customer relationships, I have been able to successfully introduce Simparica as a new parasiticide option.  I feel a lot of pride in presenting solutions that improve pets’ and their owners’ lives - and Simparica provides peak protection all month with no decrease in effectiveness like some other products on the market.”

Acting as a Partner to Customers in Their Business

"In line with our Customer Obsession Core Belief, I like connecting with my customers on a human-level. I am driven by quality exchanges and discussion with veterinarians, who are often open to talking with animal health industry representatives. This is very different from my previous experience as a sales representative on the human health side."

Umit likens being a sales person to being an athlete: "You need to practice your skills every day to maintain your performance! Before presenting the Zoetis portfolio, I always try to really listen to my customer’s needs.  I ask relevant questions that will inform the solutions I present to them later. It is my aim to be a true partner to them in their business."

He added, "This recipe is straight-forward, and when executed well, it can provide great results."  

Proud to Be a Part of Zoetis

"I arrived on Zoetis Day One, which was an event called Ze Day in France.  I was blown away by the energy of the team and the friendliness of my colleagues. From the beginning, I wanted to take part in this adventure, and I have the feeling I am part of our success story," he added. "Today I find it fantastic to be able to launch so many innovations in the field thanks to the work of our R&D department. Innovation is a great driver for my daily work – presenting the science behind our products is a great point of pride for me. I am very proud to be part of Zoetis."

A Great Team Player

Another aspect of Umit's success is his genuine consideration for his colleagues.

When asked about them, he said:  "They inspire me! I have a great connection with them."

Umit finds inspiration in the various calls he has with his colleagues from the field and he likes the quality relationship with his manager.  He has also coached several new colleagues and helped some of them develop their talents. 

“It's clear to see that Umit has all the skills of an athlete in sales,” said Johan, interim Business Unit Director, Companion Animals, Zoetis France.  “Congratulations to him on the great work so far, and for making the difference for Zoetis every day!” 

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