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Meet Our Colleagues

February 10, 2017

Living the Zoetis Core Beliefs: Shelly, Director, Global Diagnostics Operations and Strategy

Shelly Colleague Spotlight

Shelly, Director, Global Diagnostics Operations and Strategy has worked for Zoetis at the same location for 23 years, but she says she's had at least three distinct careers within the company and its legacy businesses.

Shelly says her career path has been anything but a straight line toward a single destination. She’s fully embraced the three very different careers she’s had and values any opportunity to gain new experiences.

Her current job is managing the priorities and planning of contract and in-house manufacturing for Global Diagnostics. But she began her career working on the manufacturing floor growing tissue cultures on roller bottles. Between those roles, she spent many years in regulatory affairs in Veterinary Medicine Research & Development (VMRD).

Run it Like You Own It

Shelly finds a lot of value in asking for and making lateral career moves. Her diverse background has allowed her to learn a lot about Zoetis' business and to create a network of colleagues across the company.

"Shelly inspires many. She invigorates any issue or opportunity with energy, curiosity, and the desire to do things the right way. She lives the Zoetis Core Beliefs every day," said Mike, Vice President, Global Diagnostics at Zoetis.

Shelly has expanded her network of colleagues by participating in the Zoetis Women's Mentoring program. She first joined as a mentee and says it changed her outlook on her career. Shelly went from reacting to decisions made on her behalf to taking an active role in finding new career challenges for herself. Now, Shelly is a mentor and helps others determine their own careers at Zoetis. Her best advice is to seek out opportunities, ask for them, and don't wait for them to come to you.

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