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Meet Our Colleagues

December 14, 2017

Living the Zoetis Core Beliefs: Saba, Senior Manager, Business Analytics


Saba, Senior Manager, Business Analytics, says her strengths are being proactive, curious and solving problems. Through her work, she is helping Zoetis do the same. Saba’s job is in data analytics, and she creates descriptive reports and uses advanced analytics to assess sales performance and customer behavior. Read on to learn more about Saba’s use of algorithms to solve business problems and how she is living the Zoetis Core Belief to Run It Like You Own It by finding faster, simpler and better ways of doing business through data.  

Faster, Simpler, Better

Saba’s background is in data and statistics. Before joining Zoetis two years ago, she worked in data analytics at Intel in Arizona and the Wyndham Hotel Group in New Jersey. She got her master’s degree in statistics from the University of Arkansas and Rutgers University.

At Zoetis, she has undertaken several initiatives to find faster, simpler, and better ways of doing business. For example, she leverages the expertise of graduate students studying data science to solve Zoetis challenges. Saba runs two internship programs with her manager, Russell, Senior Director, Business Analytics and Strategic Pricing, U.S. Commercial Center of Excellence.  One partnership is with Rutgers University in New Jersey through Zoetis’ summer internship program. Another partnership she helped found is with Columbia University in New York. It’s both a summer and a year-round program, pairing a consulting class of 7-8 students with corporate projects at Zoetis.  The students choose from a list of projects provided by business leaders at Zoetis, divide the work among themselves according to skill set, check in periodically with Zoetis via videoconferencing, and then visit headquarters to present their final recommendation to the leadership team. This brings fresh perspectives to Zoetis’ work, while giving the graduate students an introduction to Zoetis and our culture.

Passion Project

Another way that Saba is working to find better ways of doing business is through the Zoetis President’s Leadership Development Program, which assigns business critical issues to teams of top-performing colleagues in the U.S. As part of this program, Saba led a team of three colleagues from different functions to simplify the review process for promotional materials. Saba said this experience was great on-the-job training. She got exposure to a part of the business she wasn’t familiar with, and she enhanced her leadership skills to empower people.

 “My passion is figuring out how to be data-smart in order to make good business decisions. I use the tool I know best—data—to support business needs at Zoetis,” said Saba. “I’m always looking for opportunities to make things better, easier, and faster. Colleagues at Zoetis are really open-minded, so I am never afraid to present new ideas.”

“Saba and I have worked together for a number of years so I've had the privilege of watching her grow from being a shy graduate student into a confident, professional, emerging leader,” said her manager, Russell. “Saba is highly respected in the U.S. Region for her ability to apply complex analytical algorithms to business scenarios and tell a story our business partners can relate to and take action with.  I'm proud of what Saba has accomplished and excited to see how the rest of her career unfolds.”

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