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Meet Our Colleagues

May 24, 2017

Living the Zoetis Core Beliefs: Mike, Senior Director, Global Commercial Development & Lifecycle Innovation


Mike, Senior Director, Global Commercial Development & Lifecycle Innovation, is committed to animal health, so much so that he uses an animal metaphor to describe his job of planning the future of Zoetis products. He says managing commercial development projects is like guiding a school of fish downstream while at the same time identifying the biggest and best fish to maneuver into a net.  Read on to learn more about Mike’s job and how his One Zoetis approach is necessary to success in the role.

Seeing the Future
Mike is part of a team in Commercial Development Lifecycle Innovation that sits in a unique position. They work in partnership with teams throughout the company to develop product profiles, which are the future plans for our existing and new products. That is why a One Zoetis approach is so important. Mike relies on knowledge and resources from across Zoetis, including Research & Development (R&D), Regulatory, Legal, and Commercial colleagues.

“My job is about strategy, and I find that extremely intriguing and appealing. In order to do what we do, we first have to understand global trends and macroeconomics. Then we translate what that means for a farmer in New Zealand, the United Kingdom, or the United States,” Mike said. “Above all else, we prioritize what will be valuable to our customers—by understanding their needs well into the future.”

More than the Sum of our Parts
Mike is proud of the trust inherent in his job. The company makes investment decisions based on the product profiles he helps to develop. Mike recognizes that this is a big responsibility. He often has to look 10 or 15 years into the future and make a prediction about which products customers will value and why. To do this, Mike collaborates with colleagues throughout the company. He relies on Commercial colleagues to help understand the customer mindset and market trends shaping their needs. He relies on Regulatory colleagues to analyze the feasibility of registering a product in a given market. He relies on Legal colleagues to identify intellectual property opportunities. He relies on R&D colleagues to identify the best way to develop products that will meet customers’ needs.  All of these teams work together for the common purpose of delivering value to our customers.

Learning on the Job
Expanding his One Zoetis approach, Mike has embarked on a six-month development assignment with the Genetics team, a departure from spending much of his 27-year career at Zoetis working with cattle and equine commercial teams.  During this time, Mike is supporting Genetics by refining approaches to new product profiles and providing commercial insights for a new information systems infrastructure that will help grow the business. Mike says this assignment is another example of the importance of trust at Zoetis. Mike appreciates that senior leaders offered him the opportunity to contribute to the future success of the company—while at the same time allowing him to gain fresh insights, broaden his experience, and develop new skills. He says it’s a strong indicator of the culture of development at Zoetis that is based on experiential learning, and it brings to life the Zoetis Core Belief that “Our Colleagues Make the Difference.”

Mike’s manager has good things to say about him. “Mike is easy to work with and has a great sense of humor. He contributes in a myriad of ways with his knowledge and leadership and brings balance to the team,” said Paulo, Leader, Global Commercial Development & Lifecycle Innovation, Cattle & Equine.

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