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Meet Our Colleagues

February 17, 2017

Living the Zoetis Core Beliefs: Jon, Director of Business Operations

Jon Colleague Spotlight

Jon is a builder at heart. He grew up loving Lego® (and admits he still does) and studied engineering at Cambridge. Today, Jon wants to build a better commercial business at Zoetis. His job is Director of Business Operations for the Northern Europe Cluster of International Commercial Operations. And he recently took on an expanded role: helping to lead the transformation of Zoetis’ international business through the Global Commerce Project.

Race Cars

True to his engineering background, Jon explains the Global Commerce Project in terms of cars. He looks at Zoetis’ International Commercial organization as a team of racing cars. He says the Global Commerce Project will upgrade all of the team’s engines to the same, top-of-the-line, fast, and efficient engine. This will have two benefits: 1- Customers will have even better interactions with Zoetis, and 2- Zoetis colleagues will find it even easier to help customers succeed.

Jon says, “I joined Zoetis just before the IPO because I think we’re onto something special here. We are already the world’s leading animal health company, and we have a huge opportunity to change the way that animal health works: for the benefit of animals and their owners.”


Jon puts Zoetis customers first because he knows when they succeed, Zoetis and its colleagues succeed. Jon’s job in Operations encompasses a range of roles that help to provide customers with exceptional service. The Business Operations organization is responsible for a many functions, including: commercial strategy, pricing, order-to-cash, and analytics. Currently, these functions employ dozens of different systems in the various Zoetis markets around the world. With the Global Commerce project, Jon and the global team are working to synchronize all these systems to make Zoetis Commercial Operations faster, easier, and smarter.

The Global Commerce Project will improve and align Zoetis’ global field force ordering systems so that customers in every market can place orders with their field representative. The Global Commerce Project is also implementing a system to enable more efficient commercial offerings, making it easier for Zoetis to provide customers with pricing, deals, promotions and rebates focused on value. This is all part of Zoetis’ commitment to addressing customer’s true needs with a tailored, compelling offer of products, services, and expertise.

Changing Tires on a Moving Car Through a One Zoetis effort

Changing all these systems in a global company is complex and challenging, akin to changing the tires on a moving car. Jon credits Zoetis’ commitment to customer excellence as the driving force for the transformation. The Global Commerce Project will empower Zoetis colleagues to delight customers. It is one of the most important investments the company can make.

That’s why Jon has joined together with Zoetis colleagues from all over the company to make this change. This team is living the Zoetis Core Belief of One Zoetis by working across time zones, cultural differences, language barriers, and disparate animal health environments to find a solutions that work for the entire business, all while putting customers’ needs first.

Sometimes working face-to-face is essential. When it’s not, Jon and the team have embraced virtual working technology. They record online meetings, so that global participants who are unable to join the meetings can access the recordings at their convenience. Another tool they use is an interactive white board, where Jon can draw a diagram in his office and the result is seen in real-time by his teammates working remotely. This, Jon points out, is often worth a thousand words.

Jon’s manager thinks he is the right person for the job. Jamie Brannan, Vice President and Cluster Lead UK, Ireland & Nordics, said, “I very much appreciate both the passion and commitment Jon invests in the development of commercial excellence in the Northern Europe cluster.” Jamie added, “The implementation of the Global Commerce Project will enable us to further develop in this area, give greater customer focus, and continue to differentiate us from the competition. I am really pleased that Jon is so involved in the development and roll out of this exciting programme.”

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