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Meet Our Colleagues

November 22, 2016

Living the Zoetis Core Beliefs: Carl-Johan, Vice President and Chief Counsel

Carl-Johan Colleague Spotlight

We are One Zoetis

Despite the wide range of countries that Carl-Johan and his team support, he says it is surprising how similar some legal issues can be between countries which are geographically, politically, and financially different. But cultural differences do have an impact. Carl-Johan says while a legal issue may look the same in two different countries, it might be handled differently because of local practices.

Because of all the countries Carl-Johan supports, he often structures his schedule around time zones. In the morning, he works with Australia, New Zealand, and Asia. In the afternoon, he focuses on Europe, and his late afternoons are usually dedicated to connecting with colleagues in the Americas.

Our Colleagues Make the Difference

When Carl-Johan talks about Zoetis, the first thing he mentions is the Zoetis International Legal team he helped to build. When Zoetis was becoming an independent company from Pfizer, he had to quickly assemble 10 lawyers to support international markets. Very few lawyers at Pfizer focused solely on animal health. Carl-Johan recruited some colleagues to join the new animal health team, then he turned externally to enlist other lawyers to join Zoetis, a company that was just beginning. Today, Carl-Johan is proud of the International Markets Legal team and says he is always impressed by the team's knowledge and talent, as well as their general sociability.

Always Do the Right Thing

"Carl-Johan exemplifies the Zoetis Core Beliefs in how he executes our Legal function's imperatives. He has built a great team and works closely with his commercial colleagues to ensure that we do what is best and right for Zoetis," said Heidi, Zoetis General Counsel.

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